Joe’s expertise in animal breeding has helped us become the premier horse breeders we are today. His knowledge, and the experienced staff, at Armstrong Equine are proud to provide excellent horse breeding, and the continual success allowing us to offer these horses for sale to you!

Services Offered:

  • Inseminating Mares
  • Mare Care
  • Order Shipped Cooled Semen – $350
  • Frozen Semen – $450
  • Stallion Collection & Semen Preparation
  • Freezing Semen – $300/Collection
  • Trip to Airport – $200
  • Storing Frozen Semen
Full Service Horse Riding & Boarding Facility

Breeding Manager:

  • Dr. Joe B. Armstrong, Ph.D. in Animal Breeding, 30+ years experience
foaling time 2015 at AES
Foaling time at AES
Dinner Time
Dinner Time
A brand new gelding and a good one. VON Reminic x Shottys Halo by Dual Pep. Belongs to Sue Carter


Dr. Wendy Ray Miller, DVM

Cooled Semen:

Armstrong Equine Service can ship cooled semen to you or your customers. Our studs are proven to cool and ship well. We ship overnight domestically using FedEx™, but we can also accommodate same-day air cargo shipments when cargo-flight routes exist.

Stallion Collection:

We collect our stallions with an A.V. and use a breeding dummy for the stallion to mount. Through persistence and try, we’ve had great success turning the problem studs into well mannered, easy to collect stallions. If you’ve been having trouble collecting your stud, let us work with him. Our persistent, patient techniques have yielded good results.

If you need to ship your stallion’s semen to your customers, let AES collect him, prepare the semen and ship it to your customers. For more info, email us.

Stallion Standing:

AES is always interested in standing excellent stallions. If you have an outstanding sire and would be interested in letting AES manage him, please contact Dr. Joe B. Armstrong to discuss. Contact him via email at or by phone at 575-233-2208.