Command N Chex (regretfully deceased)

August 11, 2015 Lost my good stud Command N Chex- the one I am riding in this pic-today. Compound fracture of hind leg in the pasture. He was a really good one. Would that all horses could have his mind. Every horse person deserves at least one good horse. He was mine and Lord willing […]


Following any Foaling is the eventual Branding (proof of ownership) of the young ones…Below we have provided you a short insight into this experience…

DQHA Hall of Fame

We’re very proud of Dr. Joe B. Armstrong’s induction into the DQHA Hall of Fame, Germany. Joe was honored for his continued contributions in the promotion of western riding and his nearly 20 years of organizing horsemanship schools throughout Germany. A Brief & Unauthorized Bio: Joe B. Armstrong was introduced to performances horses in […]

Pack Trip

Original Post – 06/25/2014 Breeding season is over and now the Von Reminics are having fun. Last week Josh, Sullivan Woodall and I packed into the Pecos Wilderness in the Santa Fe Nat Forest. Great time and the horses were troopers. Better get a Von Reminic! They will take care of you anywhere you want […]

Our Riding Experience at Armstrongs

Original Post – 10/17/2012 I spent 8 weeks ( Dustie 2 weeks) this summer at Armstrong Equine, in La Mesa, New Mexico. I lived on the ranch in the guest house. I took 2 horses and rode 6 days per week. Nice complete horse facility, knowledgeable ranch staff, lots of activities ongoing each day, perfect […]

My best friend

Original Post – 05/14/2013 To see my horse Is to see a friend He’s over 6 feet long. Fro head to end I pull and tug til I’m on top again. Now hold still, Boy don’t let me drop. A perfect horse they say; Is hard to find. But look at mine, He sure does […]

Desert Corrientes

The term “Desert Corrientes” means Desert Cattle…Corrientes are raised primarily for sports cattle, while preserving such natural attributes as high fertility, early maturity, trouble-free calving, and foraging efficiency, as well as disease and parasite resistance. Read More about this breed. Below is a short slideshow of the species and those who work with them. These […]

Experience for Yourself

We would love to customize a riding/training/sight-seeing experience for you here at Armstrong Equine Services. Housing and RV Hook ups available on the property. Call us to discuss the possibilities… See rental here: